Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Speed Work aka Time to Hurl!

Okay, I know that sounds gross, let me explain.

I looked at the schedule for today's speed workout and wondered if there was a mistake or was coach Marisa trying to kill me. :)  Then I figured she wanted to push my limits and see what I could accomplish. Challenge accepted!

Since it was supposed to rain all day today, I did this workout on the treadmill early this morning. Here's how it went:

15 minute warm up at 9:15 pace. That was just fine and dandy. Then I began the first of the 5 mile repeats on the schedule. These were to be done at a 6:45-6:50 min/mile pace. I set the speed at 8.8 mph, which is a 6:49 min/mile pace. Fast, but I handled it. After a 1.5 min recovery walk, up went the speed to 8.8 mph for the second mile. I repeated this for the third and fourth mile. Each time was more difficult, but I was determined to finish at this speed. As I approached the tail end of the fourth mile, something in my gut started to rebel...I was thinking, just let me finish this mile and I'll cut it short, but alas it was not to be. I ended .08 short on the fourth mile and couldn't do any more. I walked the 5 minute cool down and hoped my stomach would recede back were it belonged.

Now, if I had done this workout at the track, I would have naturally slowed to a pace that I could handle and completed all five mile repeats. Treadmills are different. You set the speed and you either have to keep up, hold down a button to slow down or stop, or failing that, jump or fall off. In my stubbornness, I refused to slow down until I just couldn't do it anymore.

I learned a lesson today. It's okay to slow down, especially if it helps you get to your goal.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Continental Divide 10K

I love running on trails, so when I was browsing for a race to fit in my schedule, I found this 10K in Laurel Springs, NC. It looked like so much fun! Little did I know what I was getting into. Of course when I mentioned it to my running friends, Lori, Crystal and Andy, they were in! I found out that Hollis and Carl have been running this race for the past couple of years and they love it!

Lori, Crystal and I, with our significant others, went up the day before the race. We stayed at Freeborne's, which is sort of a biker bar/motel/restaurant. Great restaurant and very nice folks! After a hearty lunch of burgers, wings and beer, we went to the local winery for a tasting. We fit in a little relaxation, then a lighter dinner of wine and salad with chicken (but the brownie dessert was decadent!)

Race morning was cool and foggy. After a light breakfast in the room, we headed to the site. The sun came out and it warmed up quickly. The men started at 9am, so we were able to watch them start and finish. The women started at 10:15am.

OMG...did I mention this was in the mountains? Did I mention the trail elevation changes? Steep downhills, steep uphills, trees across the trail, drop-offs, switchbacks and rock climbing...yeah...AWESOME! My finishing time was 1:18, something (the official results aren't up yet.) That is a long time for a 10K, but considering the course, I felt really good about it.

I won first place in my age group...Well I was the only one in my age group :) Lori and I also won these fancy medals, but it was a mistake and we had to give them back since we're not USATF members. Maybe we should join!

Looking forward to continuing training with the Evolve Running Squad. Tuna 200 relay coming up!


Trail Racing???

Well, the Continental Divide Trail Raced with Crystal Craig, Suzanne Sullivan, Carl Dixon, and Andy Sheppard, is in the history books.
I'm not sure it can be called a  "race"!  More like a climb, run, crawl, walk!! 
It was an experience, never before encountered, and I loved it!
From the trip up and overnight stay @ Freeborne's, to the awards ceremony!
Suzanne, Crystal, and I (along with our significant others), enjoyed a few awesome meals, a few beers, some wine @ Freeborne's Eatery, as we relaxed on Friday, getting ready for the race.  In between lunch and dinner, we went to the Thistle Meadow Winery for some wine tasting too!
Then Saturday---we all completed the most grueling 10K ever!  The crowd was small, but many elites in attendance.  Some of the men and women in the race were AMAZING!
Great job to Carl, Hollis, and Suzanne, who all won awards!
And, Suzanne and I won awards--1st in our age group, but then got them "stripped" because we were not USATF members(guess we need to join)!  Oh, well, in our hearts, we know we're winners and now know how Lance Armstrong feels-Ha!
I feel we'll do it again next year, and coach...we definately will need more hills and trails to prepare.  Perhaps a few trips to the mountains to actually experience the true topography of the race would be in order!
Another great experience with the Evolve Running Squad!!

Continental Divide Trail Race 8/25/2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Hill Crew with "couch" Nestor!

Saturday Run with Coach Marisa (8/18/2012)

Great run on the Greenway this morning!
Marisa, Tad, Marta, Hollis, Carl, Suzanne, Lori!
And, Kim!!
Nice of Carl to get out of bed to join us!!  Ha Ha! 
I was so shocked and surprised when Marisa said I could do the 6.2 with the Trail Runners!  I came (prepared?) to run 12 today!
It was a great, somewhat fast run.
Nice to be able to talk to our beloved coach and team members before and after the run.
Then, I went to Off N Running and picked up my funky trail shoes!
Have a great weekend team....anyone who wants to join me @ Bikram Hot Yoga on Sunday, I'll be there @ 10:30 (as usual)!!

New Trail Shoes-Funky, Huh? Guess Who??